Schedule & Event Guide

Welcome to our first-ever Admitted Students Day Mean Green Flyby! A one-of-a-kind drive-thru experience for our newly admitted Eagles full of spirit, traditions and community!

What to expect

  • A celebration just for YOU!
  • A warm welcome to UNT — your new home.
  • A campus drive-thru experience highlighting our traditions, student life, student services, dining options and the UNT spirit — all from the comfort of your vehicle.
  • Swag, giveaways and much more!

COVID-19, Traffic and Campus Safety

We consider the health of all our guests, students, staff and faculty of the utmost importance at UNT and are committed to providing an event with safety in mind.

To comply with UNT policy and maintain our university climate of a caring campus community, during this ongoing pandemic, we ask that you review the below safety guidelines and expectations for both guests and event staff.

  • In accordance with University policy and for your safety, and that of our staff, we are requiring all guests to wear a protective face mask during check-in and while interacting with event staff.
  • Event staff will be recognizable by nametag, badge or volunteer vest.
  • All event staff are required to wear face masks, wash hands, sanitize and wear other personal protective equipment (PPE) prior to beginning their tasks.
  • Any items (swag, maps, pre-packaged snacks) will be provided in a contactless manner.
  • All team members handling food are required to wear gloves and change them frequently, in addition to other required PPE.
  • Please do not exit your vehicle at any point during the event, unless instructed to do so. We ask that you refrain from stopping or parking your vehicle while driving. Be sure to follow all instructions from event staff, volunteers and UNT Police as we guide you along the route.
  • Please drive the posted speed limit. The determined maximum speed for all vehicles participating is 5-10 miles per hour, unless instructed otherwise by event staff.
  • Once in line, all vehicles must complete the designated route. No “early exit” points will be available throughout the route. Never drive against traffic. If there is an emergency notify UNT Police or event staff.
  • The event will be drive-thru only. Beyond event assistance, no university services will be available and all buildings will be closed. We encourage you to explore and support local Denton businesses at the downtown Square before you leave for the day. If you have UNT-related needs, please contact our offices during regular business hours, Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

If you do not wish to follow one or all of the above event expectations, we invite you to join us for a different on-campus opportunity. Learn more about Campus Tours


We’re hoping for a nice sunny day, but Texas weather can change on a dime. So, along with our Emergency Management team, we will be continuously monitoring weather patterns and will inform you of any changes in our scheduled programming.

The event will proceed as scheduled in the following weather conditions:

  • Sunny, cloudy with no rain, light rain (no lightning)

The event will NOT proceed as scheduled in inclement weather conditions:

  • Severe thunderstorms, lightning, flash flood, severe winds, tornado, hail

Please make sure to check weather conditions and understand weather impacts. When severe weather is in the forecast, keep an eye on the weather through the National Weather Service. We will contact our guests immediately if there are any changes in weather conditions.


Have a change of plans? Not a problem. Just make sure to cancel your registration to allow another admitted student the opportunity to attend. You can do this at the link at the bottom of your confirmation email or by emailing